hardener, densifier, moisture curer and sealer

Lithurin is a deeply penetrating fluid hardening agent that binds and seals the surface texture of concrete with a well balanced formula. The formula is a well-preserved composition with its origins from the early 1900, and has over the years been refined into today’s products. Lithurin is an impregnator that does not form a surface film (penetrates). Lithurin is water based and does not change the color of concrete. The concrete also becomes denser, much more resistant to abrasion and more resistant to light chemical attacks. Lithurin is approved for use in the food industry, is water-repellent, anti-slipping and makes cleaning easier.

Concrete dust
Concrete dust is the result of lime particles which have freed themselves during the hardening process. The surface becomes weakened and prone to crumbling which gives off dust when exposed to abrasion. Concrete floors which give of dust present a great problem in industrial premises, warehouses, car parks garages etc. Not only is this coarse grained dust detrimental to human health and machinery, but it also collects on surfaces causing additional expenses in cleaning and maintenance.

The biggest problem for a floor is mechanical abrasion through walking, vehicle and work lift traffic. Independent test results prove that Lithurin treatment increases abrasion resistance by approx 20 times according to SP (Swedish National Testing and Research Institute) In abrasion a C 25/32 concrete is to be compared with a C50/60 concrete, when treated with Lithurin, and it clearly shows that if the construction allows, so called dry shake hardeners can be replaced by a Lithurin treatment (Lithurin I & II S) with less risk, less manpower and lower cost.


  • Lithurin is both a hardener, sealer and moisture curer (Lithurin II S)
  • Lithurin increases the abrasion resistance up to 20 times.
  • Lithurin is approved for use in the food industry.
  • Lithurin can be used on both old and new concrete as well as on all cement based products.
  • Lithurin treatment with both Lithurin I and Lithurin II S, can replace any dry shake hardener (abrasion)
  • Lithurin II S is approved as combined hardener, sealer and moisture curing, with an efficiency of 79%, (75% is demanded).
  • Lithurin makes the surface easier to clean and maintain.
  • Lithurin has been used on over 30 000 000 m2 worldwide.
  • Lithurin is diffusion-open.
  • Lithurin is self polished.

Green aspect
Lithurin is water based and environment friendly. Lithurin gives no smell or taste and is therefore also approved to be used in food industry proven by independent test institute SIK (Swedish Institute for Food Research).

Lithurin has been used on concrete floors for 40 years on more than 30 000 000 m2 in 35 countries.

Independent test results prove that when using Lithurin as "moisture curing" the efficiency is as high as 79%, (75% is demanded).

Where to use Lithurin treatment?

  • Warehouses, production and distribution centers
  • Shops, depots and shopping centers
  • Garages and car parks
  • Airfields, concrete roads, hangars and harbour areas
  • Airports, train stations and bus terminals
  • Storage facilities and basements etc.

How to apply Lithurin
After cleaning (vacuum cleaning) you distribute the material with a wide soft brush and a rubber rake, but it can also be applied with a so called scrubber machine, power trowel with Lindec application brushes. Always study separate laying instruction, before use.

Which treatment should you choose?

Lithurin I & II S – Hardener, sealer and dust binder
This treatment can replace so called dry shake hardeners. This is the best and most abrasion resistant treatment with both Lithurin I and Lithurin II S and should be applied approx 7-10 days after making the floor, or directly on floor older than 7-10 days. Most suitable for hard abrasion resistant floors such as; hangars, warehouses, logistic centers, production plants, workshops and parking areas etc.

Lithurin II S – dust binder or combined moisture curing and dust binder
Lithurin II S is used as a single treatment on floors older than 10 days or as combined moisture curing and dust binder on newly made floors. One treatment with Lithurin II S is applied directly after power trowelling or later as combined hardener and dust binder. Independent test institute (Aston Service) proves a moisture curing efficiency of 79% and 75% is demanded! Suitable for all types of newly made concrete floors or old existing concrete floors.

Lithurin I – outdoor hardener
Outdoor hardening and protection, Lithurin I is applied twice for hardening of outdoor areas as protection against abrasion, salt, and air pollution. The concrete gets harder and more dense. Apply approx 7-10 days after making the slab, or directly on floor older than 7-10 days. Most suitable for airfields, harbour areas, docks, concrete roads, pavements and all other outdoor concrete surfaces.

Lithurin I & Lithurin Wash – aesthetic treatment for high performance concrete
For impregnation. Compliment for high performance concrete (aesthetic floors). One treatment with Lithurin I and one treatment with Lithurin Wash should be applied approx 7-10 days after making the floor, or directly on floor, older than 7-10 days. Most suitable for production facilities, outlets, shopping malls, stores, shops, air, train and bus terminals as well as car and boat exhibit halls etc.

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