Cementech is the World leader in volumetric proportioning and continuous mixing. The Cemen Tech line of Mobile Concrete Dispensers is designed to batch concrete when you need it and where you need it. Our volumetric batching system enables you to control the amount of concrete produced - eliminating waste. The Cemen Tech Mobile Concrete Dispenser can also mix slurry, flowable fill, latex, groat, gunite and shotcrete.

The Advantages of a Cemen Tech Mobile Concrete Dispenser:

  • Concrete is mixed and discharged as it is needed
  • No "hot" loads
  • No loss of strength because of hydration that took place in the truck
  • No tempering with water is required
  • The most versatile concrete production system that is available
  • Low initial cost of equipment
  • High production rates of mixed concrete for the size and price
  • "On Demand" concrete production
  • Instantaneous mix design changes
  • Low slump mixes are easily produced
  • Metered delivery for retail concrete delivery
  • Simple equipment to operate and maintain
  • No scales requiring constant calibration
  • Ideal for job site and remote applications
  • Quick set up time for standard equipment

Cementech product overview