Allen 12HD

Truss screed Allen 12HD


The Allen® Razorback® Truss Screed is the contractor's preferred brand when high tolerance FL Numbers are specified on concrete floors and pavements. For more than 35 years, Allen Truss Screeds have set the industry's standard for precision levelness, rigidity and durability. Allen Engineering has a full line of truss screed models and accessories. Most of all, Allen's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction will insure that your Allen Razorback Screed will provide years of trouble-free operation.

Quick Disconnect Coupling System

Our patented Quick Disconnect (QD) System allows for quick assembly and disassembly of the screed without compromising tolerances.

Quick Disconnect Coupling System


Winch Options

Manual: Standard on every Allen Screed.

Дополнительные лебёдки


Hydraulic: Heavy-Duty power winches powers the screed smoothly across the pour for an even, controlled finish.

Дополнительные лебёдки


Air Vibration Screeds

Our air-driven screeds feature precision engineered naval bronze piston vibrators that are rust resistant, non-sticking and free-starting.

Avdragare med luftdriven vibrering

  Мodel 12HED  
  Frame Construction Steel
  Vibration System Dual Air
  Section Lengths/Weights  
  0.61 m 17 kg
  0.76 m 21 kg
  1.5 m 42 kg
  2.3 m 63 kg
  3.1 m 82 kg
  Maximum Width 19.8 m
  Lowest Concrete Slump 51 mm
  Maximum Concrete Depth 305 mm
  Blades Galvanized Steel 3,5 mm